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This page contains a list of cemeteries in the Town of Windham, grouped by availability. In addition, if you are trying to find a relative's grave, see the bottom of the page for more information.

Available Lots

  • New Willimantic Cemetery
    Route 32, Willimantic, Connecticut
  • Windham Center Cemetery
    Route 203, Windham, Connecticut


  • Old Willimantic Cemetery
    Main Street, Willimantic, Connecticut
  • North Windham Cemetery
    North Windham, Connecticut

Requirements to Purchase Cemetery Lots

In order to purchase a cemetery lot in the Town of Windham one must be a resident of the Town. Proof required.

Lots and Lot Owners

The Purchase of a lot does not transfer ownership of a parcel of property but is the transferring of the right of burial on the lot purchased from the Town of Windham to the lot owner.

No lot shall be used for any other purpose than the burial of human dead.

Once a lot has been purchased from the Town of Windham it can’t be returned to the Town. The owner has the right to transfer the purchased lot to any other individual.

The Town of Windham will take all reasonable precautions to protect lot owners, and the burial rights of the lot owners, within the cemetery from loss or damage; but the Town disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control and especially, from damage caused by the elements, and an act of god, common enemy, thieves, vandals, strikers, malicious mischief makers, explosions, riots or order of any military or civil authority, whether the damage is direct or subordinate, other than as herein provided.

Care of Lots

The Town of Windham assumes the general care of the cemetery, which means the regular mowing and cleaning of the cemetery all year around. In no case shall this mean the maintenance, repair or replacement of any grave stones, monumental structures or memorials of any kind or the reconstruction of any damaged grave stones, monuments or memorials.

Corrections of Errors

The Town of Windham reserves, and shall have the right to correct any error that may be made whether in making interments, disinterment or removals, or the description, transfers of conveyance of any interment property, either by canceling such conveyance and substituting and conveying in lieu thereof other interment property of equal value and similar location as far as possible, or as may be selected by the Town of Windham, by refunding the amount of the money paid on account of said purchase. In the event such error shall involve the interment of the remains of any person in such property, the Town of Windham reserves, and shall have the right to remove or transfer such remains so interred to other property of equal and similar location as may be substituted and conveyed in lieu thereof.

Fees for Lots

The fee for each lot in any Town of Windham Cemetery is $600.00 (effective July 1, 2005).

Residents who choose to purchase only one cemetery lot will be sold the next available lot in the single section of the cemetery.

Residents who choose to purchase more than one cemetery lot may do so but you will need to purchase by 2’s (Double Section). For example you can buy 2, 4, 6, 8 or more. The next available lot in that section will be sold.

Note: Each lot is allowed one (1) full burial and/or six (6) cremations on each lot, but if a full burial takes place on a lot, any cremations placed on that lot CAN NOT BE PLACED IN AN URN OR URNS. If only cremations are placed on the lot, an urn or urns can be used.

Fee for Grave Openings

When a burial of ashes takes place in any Town of Windham Cemetery the basic fee will be $100.00.

When a full burial takes place in any Town of Windham Cemetery the basic fee will be $400.00.

When a full burial for a baby takes place in any Town of Windham Cemetery the basic fee will be $150.00.

NOTE: Please note that between December 1 and March 31 of every year an additional fee of $50.00 is added to the basic grave opening fee.

Interment Requirements & Additional Fees

The Town of Windham First Selectman’s Office will need to be notified 24 hours in advance during normal business hours of any burials that are to take place in any cemetery. No Town employee can be reach via cell phone or beeper to make any burial arrangements by any funeral home except in case of an emergency.

The Town of Windham will perform burials at all Town of Windham Cemeteries on the following dates and times:

Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. except holidays or weekends unless religious beliefs insist otherwise. If special arrangements need to be made it will be subject to the approval of the Town Sexton.

Due to weather conditions it may be necessary to postpone graveside services and/or interment of the deceased temporarily. The final decision to postpone graveside services shall be made by the Town Sexton or his designee.

NOTE: If special arrangements need to be made for a burial to occur outside the normal schedule, an additional fee will be added to the basic grave opening. (Cost of regular overtime or holiday overtime for 3 Public Works employees as required under union contract.)

Monuments and Markers

Single Sections: Not more than two (2) flat (flush) marker mounted in cement foundation shall be permitted in all single sections of the Town of Windham Cemeteries. Markers can not be more than 12” by 24”in size. No raised monuments or markers allowed.

Double / Family Sections: Not more than one (1) raised monument mounted in cement is permitted in the double section of the Town of Windham Cemeteries. Raised monuments must comply with the following size: Two grave lots – 3’ by 6’ marker and four or more grave lots – 5’ by 6’ marker. A flat (flush) marker can also be placed on double / family lots but any such marker must be in a cement foundation and cannot be more than 12” by 24” in size.

General Rules

Statues, plastic crosses, artificial flowers, fencing, gravel, crushed stones, granite chips, marble chips, wood chips, wood bark or similar items, etc. on cemetery lots or headstones is strictly prohibited. Such items attract vandals and become tattered with exposure to weather.

Planting of trees, plants, flowers or shrubbery on lots is strictly prohibited.

If real plants or flowers are placed on the cemetery lots for special occasions, they will be removed once they are dead, tattered with exposure to weather or vandalized. Plants and flowers can only be placed on the side of the headstone in an urn or planter.

No coping, curbing, fencing, hedging, borders, or enclosures of any kind shall be allowed around the lot or around any grave. The Management reserves the right to remove same, without notice, if so erected, planted or placed.

Any object placed on the grave, which in the opinion of the Management, is deemed offensive, improper, or detrimental to the general appearance of the cemetery may be removed without notice.

Note: It is important to advise the monument company that planters are to be placed on the side of the monuments and of your intentions to have urns so that provisions for them can be made.

For additional information please call the First Selectman’s Office 860-465-3006.