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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Town's Human Services Department the same office as the Department of Social Services?
 No. The Department of Social Services is administered by the State of Connecticut. Their office is located at 676 Main Street in Willimantic and can be reached at 465- 3500.

The Town of Windham Human Services department has no financial programs.
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Where do I apply for Food Stamps, Medicaid (medical program), SAGA (State Administered General Assistance), and the Medicare Buy-In Programs?
 Contact the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services located at 676 Main Street, Willimantic, CT 06226. For further information, call 465-3500.
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What are the income guidelines for the ConnPace Program?
 Your gross adjusted income plus Social Security (minus the part B premium) must be equal to or less than: $ 23,100 per year if you are single and $ 31,100 if you are married.
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I will be retiring soon and receiving Medicare. Where can I get help in choosing a Supplemental Insurance (Medi-gap) or Managed Care Plan?
 You can call CHOICES, Connecticut’s programs for Health Insurance Assistance, Outreach, Information and Referral, Counseling and Eligibility Screening.

Counselors provide free information and assistance about Medicare benefits, Medicare Part D, Medi-gap policies, Medicaid and other related state and federal programs.

Call 1-800-690-6998.

A CHOICES counselor is available in the Human Services Department at Windham Town Hall. Call Cindy at 465-3065.
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Where can I go if I run out of food?
 Food pantries are located at the following agencies in Willimantic:

ACCESS Agency, 1315 Main Street; Phone Number: 450-7400

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church & Covenant Soup Kitchen, 220 Valley Street; Phone Number: 423-1643

Salvation Army, 316 Pleasant Street; Phone Number: 423-0977

Catholic Charities, 115 Ash Street; Phone Number 423-7065
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How do I apply for the ConnPace Program?
 Applications and assistance completing the form are available at the Town of Windham, Human Services Department. Call 465-3065. Or call ConnPace directly at 1-800-423-5026 to request an application.
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What services are available at the Mc Sweeney Regional Senior Center?
 The Senior Center offers a variety of programs such as a luncheon served Monday through Friday and Health and Dental Clinics. They have exercise and recreational programs, cards, movies, bingo and a pool table. Visit their website at www.McSweeneySeniorCenter.org or call them at 423-4524. They are located at 47 Crescent Street, Willimantic, CT 06226
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I need a day care program for my child. What is available in Windham and how do I apply?
 The Town of Windham offers several options for childcare. Programs include: Windham Preschool Program: Part Day; Windham Head Start: Part day, Full Day and Home Based Services; Early Head Start: Full Day, Part Day and Extended Day Services; School Readiness Programs: Full Day: Including New Heights Child Development Program, Windham Willimantic Child Care and Family Development Programs and the Margaret S. Wilson Child and Family Development Resource Center located on the Eastern Connecticut State University Campus. Please call Mary at 465-3065 for more information. The Windham Area Family Day Care Association is a home-based childcare option. For information, please call Cathy at 456-3161
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I need help paying for my heating bill. Where can I get assistance?
 ACCESS Agency located at 1315 Main Street, Willimantic, CT 06226 provides assistance with winter heating bills for families and individuals. Call 450-7423 for an appointment to apply.
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What is ConnPace and who qualifies?
 ConnPace is the Connecticut Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract to the Elderly and the Disabled. It is a state funded program that provides assistance with Prescription drugs to eligible Connecticut residents. You must have lived in Connecticut for at least six months immediately before applying for ConnPace. You must be at least 65 years of age or disabled and over 18 years old. If disabled, you must be currently eligible to receive disability payment under the Social Security Disability Program or Supplemental Security Income Program. Participants pay a yearly $ 30.00 enrollment fee plus $16.25 co-pay for each prescription.
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What services does the Human Services Department offer?
 We offer a variety of services including: 1. School Readiness Program for 3- and 4-year old children (Windham Residents) 2. Insurance Counseling for Senior Citizens 3. Relocation assistance to residents through the Uniform Relocation Assistance Act 4. Resident assistance in the completion of forms for a variety of programs 5. Information and Referral Services 6. Notary Public Services
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I’m selling my house. What do I need to do about the water bill?
 Most real estate closings are handled through an attorney. They will call the Collector’s Office with the new billing information. Someone from the Water Plant will go out and do a special read a day or two prior to the closing. That information will be used to create a final bill that is normally faxed to the attorney’s office and paid at the closing.
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How do I contact the Social Security Office?

You may contact them by calling 860-423-6386. They are located in Tyler Square at 1320 Main Street Willimantic

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