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Willimantic Fire Department

Fire and Emergency services for the Willimantic Service District and Ambulance service for the Town of Windham

Willimantic Fire Department

P.O.Box 115

13 Bank Street

Willimantic, CT 06226

The Willimantic Fire Department serves a population of 17,000 citizens who live within the Willimantic Service District of 4.5 square miles. The Department consists of a Chief, Deputy Chief, and 28 Firefighters who are all full time personnel. The firefighters each work 42 hours per week, but the department is staffed seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. The fire department also protects the Eastern Connecticut State University campus and over 5,500 students. During 2009, the Willimantic Fire Department responded to 4,795 emergency calls, of which 3,651 were medical emergencies and 1,144 were fire/emergency related. Our firefighters provide a fire-based ambulance service to the Town of Windham, using two ambulances. We partner with the Town of Windham Fire Marshal's Office in conducting inspections and investigation within our service district.


The Willimantic Fire Department has set a high standard of excellence for professional, reliable response from our department, and utilizing all available resources while functioning within a safe environment. We will seek new methods to improve our service while constantly looking towards the future.


The Willimantic Fire Department is dedicated to protect and reduce the loss of life and property; to promote the health, safety, and well being of the citizens of this community; and to reduce damage to the environment due to fires, hazardous materials, natural disasters, and other emergencies caused by the act of man or nature. We will provide this service with loyalty, integrity, accountability, and teamwork.


  • Fire Suppression, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services
  • Environmental Protection through response and stabilization of hazardous materials
  • Public Education through demonstration, delivery, and curriculum development
  • Responder Education for a continuing high level of professional development
  • Strategic Planning for determination of future needs and services
  • Hazard Mitigation through the use of community planning and inspections
AC Scrivener and Gov rell
Fire Chief Marc Scrivener
(Photo: Talking with Gov. Rell at Middletown FD)
Executive Board - Local 1033 of the I.A.F.F.
Ronald L. Lemire Jr.,
Peter Bruscato,
Vice President
Robert Golas,
Kevin Theriault,

Willimantic Fire Department Office

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