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Collector of Revenue


Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle.


Parking Tickets

  • Due Date
    • All parking tickets are due within 14 days or fine doubles.
    • Multiple tickets may affect license or motor vehicle registration.

Water & Sewer Bills

  • Mailing Address
    • Windham Water/Sewer Billing Dept.
      PO Box 257
      Willimantic, CT 06226
  • Accounts
    • Quarterly Water/Sewer Bills
    • Monthly Water/Sewer Bills
    • Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable
We mailed all motor vehicle bills October 21, 2014 with a January 1, 2015 due date. The last day to pay without interest is February 2, 2015.
If motor vehicle tax bills are not paid by February 3, 2015 we have no alternative but to issue a Tax warrant with the Marhsal.
Motor Vehicle supplemental tax bills (vehicles registered after 10-1-13 but before 9-14) were mailed December 2014 with a January 1, 2015 due date. The last day to pay these bills without interest is February 2, 2015.

According to Connecticut state law, delays in receiving the bill, or not receiving it at all, do not relieve residents or businesses from missing payment deadlines or the resulting interest. If you do not receive a bill for property that you owned as of October 1, 2013 by August 1st,  please call 860-465-3029.

Windham refers to their Tax Collector as the Revenue Collector because the office is responsible for the billing and collection of water-sewer charges, parking tickets, code enforcement fines, copies and other miscellaneous revenue as well as all taxes.
As of September 2013 we also collect for the Town of Chaplin, in our WIndham office.

Generally, questions concerning assessed value, adjustments, exemptions or credits, tax relief programs, and improper motor vehicle tax billings should be directed to the Assessors Office at (860) 465-3026.

Questions about billing, tax balances due, amounts paid, delinquent taxes and interest charged should be directed to the Revenue Collector's Office at (860) 465-3029.

This guide is designed to provide answers to questions that are most commonly asked or that you may need to know. As always, further details may be obtained by contacting our staff directly.

Q: What is a mill rate?

The property tax rate is express in mills or thousands of a dollar. A tax rate (mill rate) of 32.41 is equivalent to $32.41 of taxes per every $1,000 of net assessed value.

Q: How is the mill rate determined?

During the budget process the Town determines how much money it will need to operate for the upcoming year. All forms of income or revenue are subtracted from the total operating budget, leaving the portion to be raised by taxes. This portion is divided by the total net taxable assessments of the Town. The result is the mill rate.

Q: How do you determine how much I pay in taxes?

The total assessed value is multiplied by the mill rate. The assessed value is 70% of the value that is determined on the year of the revaluation. The next reval is scheduled for 2011. Example: A vehicle net assessment is 4,500 with a mill rate of 35.10 the total tax on the vehicle is $4,500 X 35.10 =$157.95.

Q: How do I make payments?

Mail or bring your payment, along with your tax bill, to the Revenue Collector's Office. Your payments may be mailed in the provided envelope or addressed to PO Box 195 Willimantic CT 06226. If your canceled check is not sufficient receipt, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the entire bill. Visit us at http://www.windhamct.com/  Quick Links --PAY YOUR TAX BILL ON LINE.

Q: What do I own that is subject to taxes?

Real Estate: Any land or buildings (including mobile homes) you own.

Motor Vehicle: Registered or unregistered

Personal Property: Machinery, equipment, furniture, and fixtures either owned or leased, livestock.

Q: What if I didn't get a tax bill?
Every July you should receive a tax bill on all property you owned on October 1st of the prior year. Please look over your bills carefully and contact the Collector if any of your bills are missing. Failure to receive a tax bill will not invalidate the tax or interest thereon.
Q; What happens if I don't pay the bill on time?

Interest is charged at a rate of 1 and % per month or any fraction of a month on the tax from the due date. There is a minimum interest charge of $2.00. We send delinquent DEAMNDS not paiod to a collection agency or the State marshal.

**Delinquent Taxes**

The Revenue Collector's office has a very aggressive delinquent tax program. The staff is trained and willing to work with you. In Windham, we will be conducting real estate auctions in accordance with Section 12-157. In addition, local ordinance prohibits the issuance of building permits on properties. Connecticut State law also allows for the withholding and/or revocation of various health permits if municipal taxes are delinquent more than one year.

For those who chose not to work with the Revenue Collector's office, your account will be forwarded to the State Marshal, Collection agency or appointed Attorney for legal action. The alias tax warrant grants my authority to a State Marshal who has the power to seize assets, seize bank accounts, garnish wages, assign rents, or conduct an auction. If your account has been granted to the State marshal for collection please contact Connecticut State Marshal, Richard Smith directly at Po Box 107 Willimantic Ct 06226 or by telephone at 1-860-456-3023 or fax inquires to him at 1-860-450-0455.

To secure the Town's interest, liens are filed on all properties with a delinquency. A lien is an encumbrance on property. These liens remain valid for fifteen years unless released prior to.

**Mobile Home Information**

Any person owning a mobile manufactured home should have filed with the town clerk a certificate of title, bill of sale or other document evidencing the person's ownership of the mobile manufactured home. Any document transferring title to a mobile manufactured home must be filed with the town clerks office. Any owner of a mobile manufactured home who desires to remove such home from a park or land on which it has been situated must file for recording with the town clerk a removal statement.


























  • 979 Main Street - 1st Floor
Phone Number
  • 860-465-3029
  • 860-465-3020
  • Monday thru Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Thursday 8:00 AM-7:30 PM Friday 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Minutes and Agendas
• Motor Vehicle Delinquent Tax - Waiver of Property Tax

Collector of Revenue Members

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Ashley DeSciscio
Irene Petsa
Carolina Maldonado